Stephen Adkins

Stephen Adkins

This blog is a collection of thoughts about the adventure of launching a brave new website dedicated to making online databases simple and fun.

I founded DBFoundry in 2013 (along with the parent company, Internet Dynamics). I recently served as CTO of The Rubicon Group, growing the company for 11 years prior to sale to TravelClick. I was able to supply much of the strategic vision for and was the architect of all of Rubicon’s recurring revenue (SaaS) Business Intelligence offerings for the Hotel, Car Rental, and Airline industries. I have championed freemium pricing for maximum market penetration and have architected solutions to bring high value to a high volume of users within a manageable cost structure. I have 25 years of IT industry experience at Rubicon, Aeronomics, HP, and IBM, an MS and BS from M.I.T. in Aeronautics and Astronautics, and an MBA from Georgetown University.

I hope some of the things I share here in this blog are thought provoking and encouraging to you.

— Stephen Adkins


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