Database Applications as a Service (DBAaaS !!!)


DBAaaS – Database Applications as a Service

Everyone has heard of Software as a Service (SaaS), a business model for a software vendor to deliver software (usually web software on the internet) on a subscription basis to customers. This is so compelling a business model and a provisioning approach that other variations are popping up everywhere.

* IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service
* PaaS – Platform as a Service
* DBaaS – Database as a Service
* MaaS – Metal as a Service

We love the idea of DBaaS. But what does that do? You can get databases as a service from Amazon or Oracle or others. But all you end up with is a database instance and a connect string to allow your end-user tools to connect to it. You still need Database Administrators, the end-user interface tools, and the ability to administer those tools and make them available to your users. That hardly seems like the slam-dunk capability you were hoping for from DBaaS.

What if a DBaaS website were more than just the database as a service? What if it provided a layer of user interface tools to allow you (the end-user, without need of database administrators) to create your database AND the application that reads and writes the database? This is what we are doing at


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