Where can I find a great online web database? I guess I’ll have to create one.


I love writing and deploying great software that makes difficult things suddenly simple. This picture was of me and my team at a former company making sweet software music. (Note the pizza crusts… key indicators of a late night of bending computers to yield to our will.)

Every project I have been on, databases and the data they house are essential, and yet everything about databases continues to be complex…

  • purchasing them,
  • setting them up,
  • designing the table structures,
  • administering them,
  • migrating data to them,
  • securing them,
  • understanding the data in them,
  • writing applications for them,
  • optimizing them,
  • finding your way around them, …

I’m on a quest to make databases simple and fun.

I started up a new company in March 2013 to do just that… DBFoundry. Behind the scenes, the quest is happening. This blog is not just about DBFoundry.com or its parent company internetdynamics.com. It is about all of the great stuff I learn and experience along the way.

Stephen Adkins

http://www.dbfoundry.com, http://www.internetdynamics.com


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